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2019-2020 TRIPS

September 14-27, 2019

Status: Closed
Trip Leader: Dianne Paukovits
717-503-9493 or dpaukovits@comcast.net

Elk Mountain, Pennsylvania

January 24, 2020

Status: Open

Trip Leader: Claire Birney

717-315-5899 or 


Vail, Colorado

January 26-February 2, 2020

Status: 71% Sold

Trip Leader: Gary Smith

717-503-2332 or 262gsmith@gmail.com

Quebec Winter Carnival

February 7-13, 2020

Status: 92% Sold

Trip Leader: Sherry Predix

717-448-5379 or slpredix@comcast.net

Park City, Utah

February 22-29, 2020

Status: Wait List

Trip Leader: Suzanne Laughman

717-503-3523 or sslaughman1@comcast.net

New Hampshire Sampler

March 1-5, 2020

Status: Open

Trip Leader: Bob Havice

717-248-8696 or bhavice@hotmail.com

Val Thorens, France

March 7-15, 2020

Status: 85% Sold

Trip Leader: Mike Oberdick

717-542-1735 or swissnutmike@gmail.com

Alaskan Cruise/Land Trip

August 28-September 10, 2020

Status: Open

Trip Leader: Barb Collier 717-829-5028 or bcollier333@hotmail.com

Details on SSC's 2019-2020 trips are posted online as soon as they are known. Full details for our trips may be found on each specific trip's web page.

2nd payments for certain trips are coming up. Please refer to the chart below. Remember if you are unable to make your payment on time, please let your trip leader know ahead of the due date to make different arrangements

Park City






Val Thorens



Trip application process: Completed trip applications (click here to open trip application PDF) and deposits for our 2019-2020 trips should be mailed to the trip leader's address provided on the trip web page or trip terms document. If you choose to register or pay online (see below) for a trip, you must still provide a completed and signed paper application form to your trip leader.

Trip terms: Trip-specific trip terms documents can be found on the trip web pages. Quick links to each trip page can be found in the trips table (above).

Membership applications: Your SSC membership must be current when you sign up for a SSC trip and at the time that the trip runs. We urge non-members to join or renew their membership online, but if paper and snail-mail is your preferred way to go, here's a copy of our membership application form. Paper Application.pdf

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