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2020/2021 TRIPS

Alaskan Cruise/Land Trip

August 28-September 10, 2020

Status: Canceled

Trip Leader: Barb Collier 717-829-5028 (m) bcollier333@hotmail.com

Big Sky, Montana

January 16-23, 2021

Status: Planning, Sales open June 6, IKON Pass

Trip Leader: Dyan Yingst, skierdyan@comcast.net 717-979-4152 (m)

Mt Bachelor, Oregon

January 30-February 6, 2021

Status: Planning, Sales open June 6, IKON Pass

Trip Leader: Suzanne Laughman Adventuregal57.sl@gmail.com 717-503-3523 (m)

Banff/Lake Louise, Canada

February 20-27, 2021

Status: Planning, Sales open June 6, IKON Pass

Trip Leader: Gary Smith 262gsmith@gmail.com  717-503-2332 (m)

Sölden, Austria

March 5-13, 2021

Status: Planning, Sales open June 6, Extension TBD

Trip Leader: Dianne Paukovits dpaukovits@comcast.net 717-503-9493 (m)


SSC's 2021 winter destinations will include Big Sky, Montana, Mount Bachelor, Oregon, Banff/Lake Louise, Canada, and Sölden, Austria. Planning is underway. Big Sky, Mount Bachelor and Banff/Lake Louise are all IKON Pass (www.ikonpass.com) resorts. IKON Pass spring savings are extended to May 26, 2020 through the IKON website. IKON Pass prices will now increase JUNE 17, 2020 (extending their prior deadline).

As recently announced, SSC's Summer Picnic (aka "Bannic") has been cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control. Normally, our Summer Picnic is the date when trip sales open for the upcoming winter's ski trips. Because our picnic has been canceled, SSC has modified the trip signup procedure for the 2020/2021 season.

MODIFIED 2020/2021 TRIP SIGNUP PROCEDURE! This year, trip signups will be done through U.S. Mail. Saturday, June 6, 2020 will be the start of the sign-up period for the 2021 Ski Trips. For lottery purposes, the initial signup will run through Sunday, June 14. All trip lottery policies will apply. Your postmark will secure your eligibility in a trip lottery should a trip over-sell within the initial signup period.

  • All trip applications and deposits will be accepted by U.S. Mail only. Please do not hand-deliver to the trip leaders as social distancing orders will most likely still be in place.
  • All envelopes must be postmarked no earlier than Saturday, June 6. If your application and deposit are postmarked prior to June 6, you will be ineligible for a trip lottery should the trip oversell.
  • Your SSC membership must be current and up-to-date in accordance with the rules stated on the membership application.
  • Failure to supply correct, complete and accurate information will make you ineligible for a trip lottery should the trip oversell.
SSC's trip application form has been updated. Please use the updated form when submitting your application for our 2021 trips: TRIP APPLICATION 2020-2021 final.pdf. This form will also be included on individual trip pages as they are added.

PLEASE SIGN UP EARLY FOR OUR 2021 TRIPS TO AVOID THE CANCELLATION OF THESE TRIPS! The contracts we have this year due to COVID-19 are very stringent in their deadlines, requiring us to have a certain number of participants by unusually early dates. If we must cancel a trip by the due date because of insufficient participation, we are still responsible for paying cancellation fees to the hotel, tour operator or airlines. Please mail your applications in early (but not before June 6), so that your club does not have to absorb these fees and so that these trips can proceed as planned.

Further details regarding all 2021 trips (trip pricing and trip terms) will be published in our newsletter and on our website as they are known. Please make sure you open all the "(click here) links" to access all related information.

TRAVEL INSURANCE IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Attention trip participants, especially in light of unforeseen events, it is the responsibility of each participant to secure their own insurance based on their individual needs. If you have a pre-existing condition, most insurance companies require you to obtain insurance within two weeks from the date you made your trip deposit (this may vary among insurance companies).

FYI, for members interested in purchasing a 2020/21 EPIC Pass (www.epicpass.com): The EPIC Pass discount savings period is extended to September 7, 2020 (Labor Day).

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