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I dont know about you, but when the swimming pools close after Labor Day Weekend, it makes me a little sad to say goodbye to summer. But that doesnt last long, as the beauty of fall and the Halloween decorations perk up my spirits. I even picked grapes (something Ive never done before) at a local winery twice in the last two weeks. I love living in PA where we experience all four seasons. Before we know it, winter will be here and for some of us thats our favorite time of year because of skiing/riding. All ski resorts are facing challenges to keep everyone safe from the Covid-19 pandemic and that was the main topic recently at the Eastern PA Ski Councils (EPSC) fall meeting. Dianne Paukovits is SSCs EPSC rep, and she attended this meeting along with several other Board members. At our October 6 membership meeting, Dianne reported on How the pandemic will affect the ski industry and that report is printed below in its entirety. I am also working on having a representative from Roundtop attend our November or December membership meeting to speak about the changes there and you will have the opportunity to have your questions answered. Until we meet again, enjoy your fall and stay safe.


HOW THE PANDEMIC WILL AFFECT THE SKI INDUSTRY (Information  presented at EPSCs fall meeting on September 27 at Blue Mountain Ski Resort)

Most of our everyday lives are very different this year because of the pandemic, and this will carry forward and have an impact on the ski industry for the 2020-2021 ski season. This will be a very different ski season. The ski areas will be open, and they very much want our business. They are doing everything they can to put into place new practices to keep everyone safe. Knowing these changes in advance, and what to expect will help all of us be better prepared to enjoy our favorite winter sport.

These are the major changes you can expect to see on the slopes this winter. Each person is required to wear face coverings to access the mountain, including in lift lines, and while loading, unloading, and riding on chairlifts and gondolas. Reservations must be made in advance, except for season pass holders. Lift tickets must be purchased online. Buy lift tickets early for the best discounts, and better chance of availability. Ticket windows at the mountain will be closed. Guest services will be open. Lift tickets will have RFID technology in them to monitor the number of people on the mountain. More mountains may offer 4-hour lift tickets. Lifts will have spacing policies in place such as two singles at the ends of a four-seat chair, two people at the ends of a six-seat chair, or two people in a large gondola. Lift lines will be longer and wider as a result of these spacing policies. The number of lockers will be limited. Benches may be removed from the locker rooms, making booting-up a challenge. You may have to boot up at your car. Rentals will require an online reservation as well. Inside dining will be at 50% capacity. Outside dining will be more flexible. Dining on the mountain will be limited or unavailable depending on the size of the resort/facility. Reservations are advisable for table service restaurants. Bringing lunch is encouraged, especially at smaller resorts. Some resorts will be encouraging tail-gating. It is recommended that the Ski Patrol phone number be on your cell phone for quick access in emergencies. First aid areas may require a phone call first to gain access. Bus/shuttle capacity in general will be affected, and may differ at the discretion of each company. Some shuttles at the mountains may not be in operation. Private vehicles are preferred.

Stay informed of interstate travel restrictions for any type of travel. Restrictions are determined on a state by state basis, and will vary based on pandemic infection levels. Knowing the requirements ahead of time for your departure and destination states is recommended to avoid any surprises.

Remember, the rules can change weekly. And, please dont be a complainer—be flexible, or the resorts may cut back even more. We hope this information is helpful to you in planning ahead, navigating the changes, and having fun this coming ski season!


At the June 24, 2020, Board Meeting, the SSC Board of Directors, by a majority vote in all cases, approved and recommends that the Membership adopt the following amendments to SSCs By-laws. As required by the SSC By-laws, these proposed amendments were announced in the September 2020 newsletter for consideration by the membership at the November 3, 2020, membership meeting or at the first scheduled meeting after November 3 as allowed by the Governors mandates, when members in attendance will be asked to vote and ratify each of these proposed amendments. If you have any questions, you may contact President Lovena Nickle at lovnic53@comcast.net or 717-541-8803 or make your inquiries at the October or November Membership meetings. Assuming any of these proposed by-law amendments are ratified by a vote of two-thirds of the members at the November 2020 meeting, it will be effective January 2021. The text of the proposed by-law amendments is as follows:

Article VI. Election Procedures

Section 10. No person may serve in any one position as officer or director longer than the term limits provided in this section. Those term limits shall be:

  • Trip Vice-President: 2 full terms in succession change to 3 full terms in succession

  • Social Vice-President: 2 full terms in succession change to 3 full terms in succession

  • Treasurer: 3 full terms in succession change to 4 full terms in succession

  • Secretary: 3 full terms in succession change to 4 full terms in succession

  • Membership Director: 3 full terms in succession change to 4 full terms in succession

  • Director: 3 full terms in succession change to 4 full terms in succession


We are already halfway through our administrative year, and that means we have to start thinking about volunteers for Board positions for next year. Volunteers are the engine that keeps this club running by providing great trips and fun activities for the benefit of all of its members to enjoy. Nominations for officers and directors will be presented at the January 5, 2021 membership meeting. If you are interested in serving on the 2021-2022 Board of Directors or have any questions about director or officer responsibilities, please contact Past President Becky Havice at rlpatt@eawireless.net.

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