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We are so blessed... just look around you. We live in a free country. We have comfortable housing and are able to put food on the table. We can travel and meet our friends at fun activities throughout the year. I recently spent a week deep in the Appalachian Mountains in southeastern Kentucky, doing work projects in a very remote region of the country. It makes me appreciate how fortunate I am. Many of you probably volunteer throughout the year with your church or other favorite organizations. Here at SSC, my thanks to Suzanne Laughman, who organized a food packaging event at the Central PA Food Bank, and our members who turned out to package over 14,000 pounds of food for needy families! Look for other opportunities with SSC in the months ahead or you can offer to lead one for us. Now is a great time to remember to pay it forward. Take some time out of your busy schedule this summer to volunteer in your community. Get some family and friends to join you and I am certain you will find it very rewarding. I know I do!

Happy Trails,

Dyan Yingst

Reminder: Dues Increase

Reminder:  A dues increase is in effect beginning for the 2024/2025 SSC membership year. Membership dues are now as follows:
   Single - $35
   Family/Household - $45
   Junior - $20.

If you plan to pay by check, please fill out the application included in the April (or later) 2024 newsletter or found on this website (Paper Application.pdf), and mail it with your check to Susquehanna Ski & Snowboard Club, PO Box 60713, Harrisburg, PA 17106-0713. Or renew online at Membership.

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