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Greeting SSC Members! Well, the snow has finally fallen in our area and it was beautiful. If you have not had the chance to feel the thrill of that first run down the slopes for the season, join SSC on our ELK day trip on Friday, January 24. Spots are still available. Our 2020 trips are about to start and the Trip Committee members and board are planning next years trips. SSC is always looking forward! The time is quickly approaching for SSCs election of the 2020-2021 board of directors. (Wow, did that year ever go fast!!!!) We have an almost full slate of candidates for the upcoming year. I want to thank everyone who has stepped up to run for the board. Your commitment is what helps keep this great club running. You should receive an electronic ballot approximately two weeks before the election, and your vote needs to be cast online no later than 5 PM EST on February 4. Paper ballots will be accepted until 7 PM at the membership meeting. Remember, get out there and VOTE!!


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