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The picnic is over and many of you have signed up for one of our great trips. The trip leaders have worked hard to provide the best trip for a great price and have come up with payment schedules that will both spread the cost out over several months and meet the deadlines for payment to our tour operators that we have contracted. It is important the payment deadlines in the trip terms are adhered to so the trip leaders can meet the contracted payment obligations to our operators. If you see that you may have difficulty making a payment on time, please contact your trip leader in advance of the due date to let them know when you expect to make your payment. If you do not contact the trip leader in advance of your payment becoming past due, you will be required to pay the late fee before entering into another agreement with the club on a trip. The board of directors hopes that the membership understands the necessity for on-time payments.

Many thanks to Suzanne Laughman for chairing the picnic, Rusty Diamond for getting volunteers, Barb Collier for getting our beverages and to the numerous volunteers who helped throughout the day with set up, registration and clean up. We are so lucky to have members who offer to help with our events.

Please check the trip status report to find out which trips still have availability. We also have added a New Hampshire sampler trip and a day trip to Elk Mt.

Have a great rest of the summer!


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