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Im back! It is hard to believe it has been 4 years since I last sat down to write a Presidents Corner. My how time flies. There have been changes in those 4 years in the ski industry and the club, but some things have still stayed the same. SSCs board is trying to work within these changes. The need to start selling trips earlier has become apparent with the need to book earlier with the resorts and the hotels and through requests from our participants in trip surveys. With that being said, we are in the process of finalizing some of our ski trips for 2024. We are doing our best to get pricing and trip terms completed, so we can start selling the trips earlier. This will allow our members to know what trips they are on and enable them to take advantage of early bird discounts on EPIC and/or IKON passes if they desire. Because air seats may not be released when trips go on sale, pricing for air may only be estimated and final pricing would come out after trip sales have begun. This is similar to how our non-ski trips are sold. Stay tuned for updates on trip sales!

One thing that has stayed the same as 4 years ago is, as of now, we do not have all of the board positions filled, so the board will need to adapt to these vacancies if they remain unfilled. I do want to thank all the 2023-2024 board members for volunteering their time to serve this year and look forward to working with all of them in the next year. Welcome also to Mike Kreamer, who may be new to our board, but brings a wealth of knowledge with him and he has also traveled extensively with SSC.

We appreciate our members who have traveled with SSC this year and hope that you will bear with us while we work through any issues that may arise with trip sales for 2024.

Take care and be safe!



Please congratulate these newly-elected members of SSC's Board of Directors:

PresidentBecky Havice
Trip VP:  open
Social VPSuzanne Laughman

TreasurerLynn Hannon
SecretaryPriscilla St Jacques- Glusko

Membership:  open
DirectorsMichael Kreamer, Linda Randby
Past PresidentBob Havice

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Our address:
P.O. Box 60713
Harrisburg, PA 17106-0713

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