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SSC is the "All Seasons Club" for all the right reasons. In the spring and summer we offer plenty of bike rides and hit the deck parties to entertain you. Our summertime social calendar also includes club favorites like our golf outing and a lawn concert at Nissley Vineyards, as well as our summer picnic.

Our membership meetings resume in the fall with our first meeting held in September at Boomerang Bar & Grill in New Cumberland. Our membership meetings are generally held on the first Tuesday of the month from September through March. Our biggest event of the year, our annual Get-Acquainted Party held at Roundtop Mountain Resort in mid-November, is free to members. A live band, snacks and beverages provide the perfect backdrop for our members to reconnect and talk about their skiing plans.

Winter is when SSC really shines. We offer several week-long trips to our members each season, with a variety of destinations that include western US, Canadian and European ski resorts. We also offer several Eastern US day, weekend, or week-long trips to get you on the slopes. Weather permitting, most winters we visit Crystal Lake in north-central Pennsylvania for cross-country skiing. Ten years ago we launched the Ski4Life fundraiser at Roundtop Mountain Resort, benefiting The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, and over the past decade have helped raise nearly half a million dollars.

Now that you know "about us", join SSC so we can get to know you!


Officers & Support Staff

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The following members of the SSC Board will serve a one-year term from April 1, 2019 through March 31, 2020:

President:  Becky Havice
Trip Vice President: 
Bob Havice
Social Vice President: 
Sharon Royer
Lovena Nickle
Suzanne Laughman
Membership Chair: 
Gary Smith
Directors:  Barb Collier, Mike Shaw
Past President: 
Sherry Predix

Support Staff

Audit Committee Chair:  Dyan Yingst
Awards Committee Chair:  Becky Havice
Eastern PA Ski Council Rep:  Dianne Paukovits
Facebook: Barb Collier & Linda Randby
Meetup:  Barb Collier & Linda Randby
Merchandise:  Jim Haslam
Newsletter:  Gary Smith
Special Olympics:  Phil Durgin
Surveys: Gary Smith
Volunteers:  open
Website:  Pam Neidig


Club History

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THE SUSQUEHANNA SKI CLUB (SSC) was founded in 1963 by a small number of AMP (now Tyco) employees and was originally called the Harrisburg Ski Club. The club changed its name and incorporated in 1967. We are currently one of the most active and successful ski clubs in the Northeastern United States. We welcome both skiers and snowboarders into our membership ranks. SSC also holds events and activities all year round and ventures into a number of other sports and outdoor activities.

• We provide fellowship and goodwill among participants in snow sports.
• We encourage development of areas where the sport may be enjoyed.
• We furnish instruction for skiers/boarders and potential skiers/boarders.
• We educate skiers/boarders in the safety principles of skiing/boarding.
• We organize and conduct competitive events.
• We organize additional recreational and social activities off the slopes.


Our Mission

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FOR NEARLY 30 YEARS, our Learn-to-Ski Nights at Roundtop Mountain Resort have attracted many people to a lifelong interest in the wonderful world of snow sports. Our Skier & Boarder Development Program is designed to encourage progressive improvement of skiing and boarding techniques. We help make skiing and snowboarding more affordable and frequent through the sale of Night Club Cards and Advantage Cards.

Ski trips have been offered since the inception of SSC. Our Trip Committee researches our annual trip destinations and makes recommendations suitable for all skill levels, income levels and vacation availability, with trips to resorts in Pennsylvania, New England, Western USA, Canada, and Europe. We have also run trips to Australia and Chile!

Our membership is kept informed of club functions through our monthly newsletter called Chairlift Chatter, monthly membership meetings from September through March (held at Boomerang Bar & Grill in New Cumberland the first Tuesday of the month), and of course, here on the club's website.


Our Award Winners

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OUTSTANDING SERVICE TO SSC is recognized by the Lifetime Achievement, Gold Ski and Silver Ski Awards. To date, 7 Lifetime Achievement, 43 Gold Ski and 98 Silver Ski Awards have been presented to club members who have devoted years of service to make SSC a successful organization. During the course of our history, we have enjoyed a special and lasting fellowship unknown in most organizations of this type.

Lifetime Achievement Award Recipients

2012 - Beth Harfmann
2010 - Jay Doherty
2008 - Charlotte Yanno
2007 - Loudon "Hap" Campbell
2003 - George Hannon
2001 - Lou Searles
2000 - Gene Richert

Gold Ski Award Recipients
2018 - Dianne Paukovits

2015 - Brenda Bent
2014 - Pam Neidig
2012 - Mark LaManna
2010 - Becky Havice
2009 - Joanne Roth
2008 - Sherry Predix
2007 - Dyan Yingst
2006 - Len Baer
2004 - Dave Timothy
2003 - Paula Unger
2002 - Cathy Rutherford
2001 - Dauvey Hoffman
1998 - Beth Harfmann & Dave Tive
1996 - Robin Rawdon
1995 - Jay Doherty
1994 - Mike Eppley, Rosemary Grant & Sherry Hoover
1992 - Hap Campbell & Karl Matter
1991 - Bill Capers
1989 - Mimi Marks
1988 - Stan Snavely
1987 - Charlotte Yanno
1984 - Lou Searles & Geary Trout
1983 - Mollie Clark & Roger Gorman
1980 - George Hannon & Gordon Myers
1979 - Jay Buckley, Dottie Roth & Keith Roth
1976 - Chuck Long
1975 - Andy Leh
1974 - June Bell & Marilyn Buck
1973 - Nicki Levan & Chet Timmins
1972 - Jerry Bachman
1971 - Jack Sotack
1968 - Susan Malesic

Silver Ski Award Recipients

2018 - Brenda Martin

2016 - Terri Falk

2014 - Len Neidig
2013 - Bob Havice, Ron Nagle & Lovena Nickle
2012 - Louise Garland & Dianne Paukovits
2011 - Pam Neidig & Melody Patton
2010 - Carolyn Eash
2009 - Brenda Bent
2008 - Becky Havice
2007 - Mark LaManna & Joanne Roth
2006 - Nan Davenport
2005 - Dyan Yingst & Sherry Predix
2003 - Len Baer & Joe Eshelman
2002 - Dave Timothy
2001 - Eppie Rigney
2000 - Wendy Shearer & Paula Unger
1999 - Dauvey Hoffman & Cathy Rutherford
1998 - Bo Thiemann
1997 - Gina Gomes & Paul Rigney
1995 - Barb Gabel & Dave Tive
1994 - Joe Knopic & Beth Harfmann
1993 - Jay Doherty & Robin Rawdon
1992 - Lou Biancchi, Mike Eppley & Rosemary Grant
1991 - Mick McEwen & Sherry Hoover
1990 - Bill Capers, Karl Matter & Dave Waltz
1989 - Hap Campbell
1987 - Robert Hall
1986 - Glenn Johnson & Connie Zimmerman
1984 - Stan Snavely & Charlotte Yanno
1983 - Jay Cogley, Barb Fry & Mimi McLaughlin
1982 - Lou Searles & Geary Trout
1981 - Roger Gorman & Dave Stauffer
1980 - Molly Bolger, Mollie Clark, Gail Kintzer & Michelle Shannon
1978 - George Hannon & Gordon Myers
1977 - Dick Kennedy & Doris Smith
1976 - Jack Buckley
1975 - Bob Fittrer, Gibbs Peterson, Dottie Roth & Keith Roth
1973 - Ann Barnhard Dulany
1972 - Joe Fleckstein, Andy Leh & Bob Norris
1971 - Chuck Long & Dean Nardis
1970 - Marilyn Buck, Ed Hirshman & Tim McGarvey
1969 - Jerry Bachman, June Bell & Kay McBride
1968 - Herb Bratina, Bill Charron, Sheila Conway, Marty Ferrante, Nickie Levan &
Mary Ann Stoddart
1967 - Marilyn Bratina, Kathy Charron, Ken Forconi, Judy Smith & Jack Sotak
1966 - Susan Malesic, Donna Manno, Bob Shaffner & Dale Updegraff
1965 - Becky Gearhardt, Sue Reinhold, Dick Smith & Chet Timmons


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Our address:
P.O. Box 60713
Harrisburg, PA 17106-0713

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