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It has been a challenge to say the least, but we are ready to advertise and start selling our three major trips to Snowmass, Jackson Hole, and Whistler! Trips go on sale at our annual picnic June 30. If you are unable to attend, mail your completed application and check to the trip leader, however it must be postmarked between June 23 and June 30 to be considered if a lottery is necessary. We are also planning an eastern trip and details will be out shortly. Come out to the picnic to meet our trip leaders and enjoy our new location, the Tall Cedars of Lebanon's Harrisburg picnic grove. Hope to see you there!
     When a trip payment deadline is not adhered to, this can become a burden on your trip leader. Installment payment deadlines are based on our tour operator’s requirements; in order for SSC to fulfill its obligations, our members must be timely with their payments. Payment deadlines are spelled out in the Trip Terms document for each trip and are posted online and in our monthly newsletters. If you anticipate having difficulty making a payment on time, please contact your trip leader in advance of the due date to let them know when to expect payment from you. Effective immediately, if you don’t contact the trip leader in advance of your payment becoming “past due”, you will be required to pay the late fee before entering into another agreement with the club on a ski trip. I hope our members understand the necessity to pay installments on time according to the Trip Terms.


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