President's Corner

Eighty-seven of us enjoyed a perfect day for our summer picnic…. Beautiful weather mixed with lots of yummy food, music by “Laid-Back Lennie” and swimming made for a good time. Thank you to my co-chair Sharon Royer and countless volunteers and attendees for making this such a great picnic! Trip leaders (or designates) were available with informative displays, answering questions and promoting their trips. If you are interested in traveling with a group of great folks, go to our website and click on the trip page for complete trip details and applications. Also, a special thank you to Pedal Pusher Bicycle Sales and Service (3798 Walnut Street, Harrisburg) for sponsoring our 2016 summer picnic!

Last year, for the first time since we started using email and our website to issue our club newsletter, we mailed a paper copy of our July Chairlift Chatter to past and present members. We repeated this mailing for the July 2016 issue. Both times we received favorable comments from a few folks. It’s now time to evaluate the effectiveness of this physical mailing. The SSC Board soon will issue an online survey invitation to the recipients of our 2016 July newsletter to see whether this mailing helps to generate renewals or new memberships. Please keep an eye out for your emailed survey invitation in the next few weeks – and thank you in advance for your response to our questions.

Have a safe and enjoyable summer!


P.S. Please take a look at our advertisement to fill our vacant Board Secretary position!          


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